Pig intelligence study

Between the years and the possession of pigs as pets has been popularized in western nations. After years of coexistence, we have witnessed a multitude of cases in which these pets have saved their owners.

pig intelligence study

Others have learned behaviors that, until recently, were not considered proper or even possible to this group of animals. All of this information has made us question a pig's degree of intelligence ,as well as its emotional abilities. Recent studies have contributed more data on the subject of pig intelligence.

Therefore, here at AnimalWised, we wanted to answer the inclining popular question: how intelligent are pigs? Keep reading to find out more. One can somewhat describe it as a method of denial, as our society would usually not consume an animal which we consider to have a level of intelligence, based on ethics.

Example of some of these animals include, dogs and dolphins. They are both animals who were not questioned about their high levels of intelligence and in most of society: it seems aberrant to think about including them in our diets. As pigs have been solely seen as a source of food for so many centuries, it is now an animal which is raised and bred in industrial quantities : in order to match the supply demand of our population. This, in addition, results in us perceiving pigs as dirty animals, crammed into their own excrement.

If given the opportunity, pigs would choose to not defecate where they eat and sleep. They prepare their beds and they use mud to cool off and protect themselves from sun damage. This skin care method is especially important in hairless animals, such as: elephants or rhinoceroses. But,despite not being the only animal that does this, this action of mud use, has only forced the stereotype of 'dirty animal' onto pigs. In rural areas there has always been greater integration of animals in daily society.

Pigs, like the rest of the cattle, are daily taken from the stables to graze or search for food, and at night they are taken back to the barn where they spend their nights.

There are many collected testimonies stating that pigs have often established their own routines and voluntarily returned to their night shelter, while bovine cattle had to be driven. There are cases of pigs that have been made famous in their villages, even awarded pardoning.

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Some pigs are used in search for truffles. These pigs must be trained not to eat the truffles once found and are instead trained to await their rewards patiently. The training method can be considered the same as that of dog training. The fact of perceiving consciousness by an individual, is something that for years, was considered exclusive to humans. Consciousness of an individual is characteristic as; a rational being, capable of thinking and being aware of their own existence.Pigs can often outsmart dogs and are on about the same intellectual level as our closest living relatives, chimpanzees, according to a new paper.

The research project, described in a paper published in the International Journal of Comparative Psychology, aims to put a face on animals that are traditionally just viewed as sources of meat.

Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals. Marino and co-author Christina Colvin, also from Emory, came to that conclusion after reviewing dozens of studies conducted on pigs and other animals. Often studies on cognition and behavior focus on only a single characteristic, so the researchers in this case compiled the findings into a single document.

PETA reports that mother pigs sows spend most of their lives in what are known as "gestation crates," which do not even allow the pigs to turn around. Once they give birth, they are impregnated again, with the cycle continuing for three or four years before the mother is slaughtered. PETA goes on to mention that "in extremely crowded conditions, piglets are prone to stress-related behavior such as cannibalism and tail-biting, so farmers often chop off piglets' tails and use pliers to break off the ends of their teeth—without giving them any painkillers.

Animal Planet: Pig Genius. Marino, who is a vegan, and her colleagues have also studied chickens, finding evidence for cognitive, emotional and social complexity.

Such ideas might seem laughable to some, but that's the point - our view of these animals tends to be that they are tasty yet non-sentient beings, only good for consumption. The reality is far from that view, according to this and other studies. The researchers further note that we tend to put pigs in a lesser category than animals like dogs and cats, even though studies show pigs are just as intelligent and empathetic - perhaps even more so - than such pets.

The scientists next plan to study other factory-farmed animals, such as cows and goats. The research is made possible by grant money from Farm Sanctuary's The Someone Projectcreated to raise the public's understanding of farm animal intelligence and behavior.

Creatures both big and small made the list of the top 10 most intelligent organisms on the planet, proving that bigger isn't always better when it comes to brains.

The new list, created by neuropsychiatrist. Boston-based Lieff, who is a past president of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry, specializes in the interface between psychiatry, neurology, and medicine. Such interdisciplinary research is leading to a better understanding on how human and other mammal brains age, which may shed light on treatments for common disorders, such as dementia.

Included on the list are bees, which Lieff said use symbolism and abstract concepts to solve problems in their daily lives. Faces of Bees, Flies and Friends: Photos. Do not let their squishy tentacles fool you. Octopuses are extremely intelligent, according to Lieff, who explained that they spread cultural information, mimic others and communicate using colors, patterns and flashing. Elephants have highly evolved social capabilities and often show wise, compassionate and loving behaviors, Lieff said.

Elephants have amazing memories and can remember friends and enemies for a half century or more, depending on their health and lifetime. Elephants in the wild can live to about 60, and the oldest known elephant on record -- in captivity -- reached the age of Elephants are extremely collaborative, consoling and cooperative, and deeply mourn their dead. Ants are the ultimate team players, but they display great individual intelligence as well, according to Lieff.

The insects can navigate long distances with ease, remembering their lengthy routes. Human-established agriculture evolved much later. Dolphins continue to astound researchers. These marine mammals in captivity can remember the communications of their fellow tank mates for at least 20 years, according to Lieff. They have advanced social relations with humans, such as herding large schools of fish toward fishermen wading in the water with nets.Author Barry Estabrook says pigs can be taught to play computer games and recognize themselves in a mirror.

Journalist Barry Estabrook knows how to enjoy a juicy heritage pork chop. He'll also be the first to tell you what intelligent, sensitive creatures pigs are. Pork chop epiphany: Author Barry Estabrook says he was inspired to write Pig Tales: An Omnivore's Quest for Sustainable Meat after eating a heritage pork chop from a pig that had been raised on pasture. In the course of his research, Estabrook spoke with scientists who taught pigs how to play computer games.

He learned that pigs have a sense of self and that they can recognize themselves in mirrors. Pigs, he says, can look at another pig and calculate what that pig might do or how it might act.

Estabrook also witnessed brutality at some large-scale pig operations firsthand. One facility he visited held 1, pregnant pigs in cramped individual cages.

They could not move in any way at all and that's the way those pigs basically lived their entire life. Estabrook estimates that 80 percent of the sows in the U. But, he adds, there are other options, such as one farm he visited in upstate New York, where the pigs are raised on pasture.

It's sold to some of the very best restaurants in New York City. Your purchase helps support NPR programming. I interviewed a woman named Sy Montgomery, a writer, who kept a pet pig for 14 years and [the pig] had incredible emotional intelligence, far more than her dogs, she said.

He knew when she was sad and he was normally quite rambunctious around her, which is something for a pound animal, when she was sad her parents had died he was very quiet, he was like a kitten.

For some reason, he loved certain people that he met and even if that person would only come once every year or two he would greet him with the same effusive grunts and squeals. There was a little girl who lived down the road who was suffering [from] cancer and she would come and sit beside the pig after particularly bad bouts of chemotherapy and the pig would let her lie on him and he was just as gentle as could be.

At last count, they know that wild, feral pig populations exist in 48 states and probably all of them — but think of them, they breed better than rabbits. A feral sow can have 12 piglets every year and those piglets are ready to breed in less than a year.

There's no other large animal that breeds at anything close to that pace. These animals can run 30 miles an hour, they can jump 3 feet high; they can smell a morsel of food 7 miles away. A pig's snout is a marvel of excavating engineering technology.By Ellie Zolfagharifard For Dailymail. You may want to think twice about tucking into that bacon roll.

Scientists have found that pigs are smarter than dogs, and can solve problems just as well chimpanzees. The study's authors are hoping the results will make people think differently about animals that are traditionally seen as meat.

Scroll down for video.

3 Animals That Are Smarter Than You Thought

The study's authors are hoping the results will make people think differently about animals that are seen as meat. The researchers came to the conclusion after looking at dozens of studies conducted on pigs and other animals, and collating the results. Overall, research suggests pigs have excellent long-term memories, and are skilled at mazes and other tests requiring location of objects.

They can also comprehend a simple symbolic language and learn complex combinations of symbols for actions and objects. This was shown earlier this year when a video recorded by Nicolle von Eberkopf, who lives in Berlin, Germany, revealed her pet pig doing amazing tricks.

In the video, Moritz the pig places coloured pig-shaped blocks in corresponding coloured holes on a wooden board. The pig does this using its mouth, without any help. The researchers of the latest study also believe pigs love to play and are often involved in mock fighting with each other, in the same way as dogs.

Consoling elephants put their trunk into another elephant's mouth so they are vulnerable, perhaps showing they are there to help. Crows and ravens are also known to be emotionally intelligent, with researchers at the Konrad Lorenz Research Station in Austria finding that the birds comfort others that are stressed after a fight. Ravens sit next to the distressed bird so their bodies are touching and sometimes preen it. University of Portsmouth research has shown that orangutans stock image can be so full of empathy that they take on the moods of others.

When one orangutan laughs, others often join in. Scrub jays - another member of the Corvid family - have 'funerals' for deceased friends, according to research by the University of California, Davis. They fly over the dead body, wailing and screeching, which may be a sign of grief. Mice have been shown to detect pain among others but only appear to console their family and friends.

Garet Lahvis, an assistant professor at Oregon Health and Science University, said: 'Mice are capable of a more complex form of empathy than we ever believed possible.

Similarly, rats are believed to be able to respond to excitement, fear and anger. They even help each other out with no prospect of a reward, according to Washington State University.

pig intelligence study

The rodents also show that they enjoy being tickled and playing by giggling. Gorillas not only care for each other but have even been seen to care for dolls. University of Portsmouth research has shown that orangutans can be so full of empathy that they take on the moods of others.

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They have complex social lives, with pigs often learning from one another and cooperating together, according to a report in Discovery News. A study earlier this year also found pigs have empathy.

Researchers in the Netherlands housed pigs in 16 groups of six, training two of the animals in each of the groups. The pigs were trained either to anticipate happiness or distress, by playing them music and either rewarding them with a pleasant treat such as chocolate raisins and a roomy house filled with peat, or putting them in a stressful situation, such as keeping them in isolation in a small pen. The study's authors say while we tend to place pigs in a lower category to animals such as dogs and cats, they are in fact, just as smart and empathic — and should be treated as such.

All the pigs were then played the same music — a piece by Bach - used in training.Pigs like to play. They're smart. They have good long-term memories, and they can be socially manipulative with other pigs.

They can tell which people are nice to them and which aren't. They're also able to distinguish between pigs they know and pigs that are strangers. Does all of this sound like it might have implications for bacon lovers? If so, that's no accident.

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A paper published in the latest issue of the International Journal of Comparative Psychology surveys the existing peer-reviewed scientific literature to round up what we know about pigs' inner lives. Colvin, a professor at Emory University, note in their paper that pigs have been found to be mentally and socially similar to dogs and chimpanzees.

The paper was funded by Someone, Not Somethinga project of Farm Sanctuary, an animal rescue organization. Someone, Not Something is an exploration of the science behind the emotions, intellect and social behavior of farm animals, with the aim of extending greater compassion and legal protection to these creatures.

This group is trying to increase the amount of noninvasive research on farm animals. The paper ends with a call for more studies. How smart are pigs? What we are trying to do with this paper is get away from the "linear scale of intelligence" that sets one species above or below another.

That is too simplistic. What we are trying to do is to get a better understanding of who pigs are. Not necessarily where they stack up against others. But, with that said, as we compared the literature on pigs and other animals we did find that in many domains pigs are as cognitively complex as dogs, primates.

This is not to say that pigs are equivalent to chimpanzees in intelligence. It is just to show that there are some very compelling reasons to regard pigs as intelligent, aware, emotionally and socially sophisticated beings. We went to the peer-reviewed scientific literature to determine that. The objective of the Someone, Not Something project is to bring scientific credibility to our understanding of who pigs are and serve as the basis for re-educating the public about them.

We hope that this review will serve as a more substantive argument for cognitive complexity in pigs. Were there any findings that surprised you? That you think folks who aren't already immersed in the world of animal cognition might find surprising?

pig intelligence study

I found the findings on tactical deception in pigs very compelling. We are familiar with the use of this kind of perspective-taking in chimpanzees as they compete for food against conspecifics [members of the same species].

But there is evidence that we review showing that pigs, too, are Machiavellian and strategize about how to out-compete their friends in foraging situations.

I think there has been relatively little research done with pigs compared to some other animals because pigs are mainly viewed as food and as biomedical subjects. They aren't seen for the complex and fascinating beings that they are. I know you're vegan. I myself am a near-lifelong vegetarian.Well, why not? In the current issue of Animal Behaviour, researchers present evidence that domestic pigs can quickly learn how mirrors work and will use their understanding of reflected images to scope out their surroundings and find their food.

To which I say, big squeal. Why should the pigs waste precious mirror time inspecting their teeth or straightening the hairs on their chinny-chin-chins, when they could be using the mirror as a tool to find a far prettier sight, the pig heaven that comes in a bowl?

The finding is just one in a series of recent discoveries from the nascent study of pig cognition.

IQ Tests Suggest Pigs Are Smart as Dogs, Chimps

Other researchers have found that pigs are brilliant at remembering where food stores are cached and how big each stash is relative to the rest.

For better or worse, pigs are also slow to forget. Researchers have also found that no matter what new detail they unearth about pig acumen, the public reaction is the same. Byrne, a professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of St. So far, and yet so near. Last week, an international team of biologists released the first draft sequence of the pig genome, the complete set of genetic instructions for making the ruddy-furred Duroc breed of Sus scrofa.

Schook is particularly eager to see if the many physiological and behavioral parallels between humans and pigs are reflected in our respective genomes.

Pig hearts are like our hearts, he said, pigs metabolize drugs as we do, their teeth resemble our teeth, and their habits can, too. Pigs have been a barnyard staple for at least 8, years, when they were domesticated from the wild boar in Asia and Europe.

Domestication was easy, given that they loved to root around in dump sites. Schook said. All we have to do is put a fence around our garbage. Pigs were tireless composting machines. Byrne said. Held said. Byrne attributes pig intelligence to the same evolutionary pressures that prompted cleverness in primates: social life and food.

'Tales' Of Pig Intelligence, Factory Farming And Humane Bacon

Wild pigs live in long-term social groups, keeping track of one another as individuals, the better to protect against predation. They also root around for difficult food sources, requiring a dexterity of the snout not unlike the handiness of a monkey. Because monkeys had been shown to use mirrors to locate food, Donald M. Broom of the University of Cambridge and his colleagues decided to check for a similar sort of so-called assessment awareness in pigs.

They began by exposing seven 4-toweek-old pigs to five-hour stints with a mirror and recording their reactions. The pigs were fascinated, pointing their snouts toward the mirror, hesitating, vocalizing, edging closer, walking up and nuzzling the surface, looking at their image from different angles, looking behind the mirror.Use the HTML below.

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Pigs Are Highly Social And Really Smart. So, Um, About Eating Them...

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pig intelligence study

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How Intelligent Are Pigs?

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